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The Year Past

One year ago, my life was nothing like it is now.  I was working a crappy yet mostly comfortable factory job and whiling away the winter hours.  I do disc in the cold and snow, but only if conditions are within certain tolerances, so it may be weeks between rounds for me.  It worked out in the past because I would volunteer for overtime to help pay for the coming disc golf season and occupy my time.

I had just gotten a new phone.  I don’t use a big carrier, so I don’t get free upgrades, but my old phone was pushing four years old.  I had to get with the times.  What an eye-opener!  No idea what phones and apps were making possible!  I spent hour upon hour discovering, test-driving and discarding everything that looked interesting.  A kid in the Play Store.

The phone became a valuable complement.  When I had idle time, I found apps offering cash and prizes for it.  When I wasn’t getting overtime hours at work, I found an app that paid me to go into stores to check on merchandise.  When I was sick of missing out on the stock market boom, I found an app that made it accessible.  From shopping discounts to fractions of bitcoins, the phone’s paid for itself several times over.  It also just put me in a different mindset.

Before the new phone, I had a very responsible plan to work and save for a chunk of land to develop into a course.  Frugal living and overtime at work was only getting me so far.  I was making progress, but time is short.  I decided to start a part-time business instead.

I got the business set up by April, just in time for my back to go out.  Once each of the previous three years, I’d randomly tweak it and go through a couple days of discomfort.  This time was bad.  It was “on the floor, trying to remain perfectly still, every movement from the neck down is agony” bad.  I realized I needed out of the factory and my body couldn’t wait.

Fast forward to now and the business is ready to go.  As always, my aspirations are beyond my means, but we’ll be expanding as quickly as conditions allow.  We’re looking for Pros we can help and sponsors to join our online sharing and rewards community.

Many thanks to those who have already helped.  There’s still time to get in on the first event of the 2018 Fantasy Disc Golf Challenge.  You can submit a free entry here for the Las Vegas Challenge for bragging rights, or sign up for a sponsorship and play for prizes!

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