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Introduce Yourself

To me, Faith No More isn’t Faith No More without Mike Patton, but Introduce Yourself is still a great listen and “We Care A Lot” never gets old.

I joined the PDGA and started playing tournaments back in 2008, although I first flung the Wham-O around Vollrath Park when I was growing up.  I stopped playing until I went through a “back to my childhood” phase in 2002.  It kept growing on me more and more.  Before long, my local courses were played out and I found myself doing things like spending weekends in High Bridge and road-tripping to four or five courses in a day.

The only thing was that I was mostly alone, and with my personality, that’s okay to a degree.  So the PDGA and tournaments were right up my alley.  Ironic then that I would play so poorly in those first couple years and wind up slinking off with my head hung low.  It’s taken me a while to better balance my competitive nature and social nature.

Balance is key to me as a Taoist and why I got the yin/yang tattooed on my arm.  I had gravitated towards it as a philosophy, as I always found the Eastern religions more interesting, but it’s simplicity made the difference.  No organizations to report to or give money to, just a principled journey through daily life.

The principles I try to live by were instilled in me when I was a kid.  I grew up in two blue-collar, union households and both my dad and step-dad held elected positions.  I saw firsthand people banding together for each other’s sake.  Plus I’ve read and re-read almost every Kurt Vonnegut novel and consider him a role model.  He echoed many of those same sentiments.

It was with those types of things in mind that I started this business and website.  Yes, I hope to earn enough to play many tournaments this year, but I also hope to earn enough to offer other Pros money and resources, so they can do the same.  I want to be able to focus on disc golf, but many other tournament players, better than me, could say the same.  I want the disc golf life, and I’m not alone.

That’s why I am asking folks to join the website with a $10 Sponsorship.  You’ll be e-mailed a password to the sponsors-only sections of the site.  You can create a profile, post in the forums, create groups, and participate in activities.  Earn points to use for discounts on merchandise, some only available to sponsors.  Personally, I’m fascinated by intentional communties, so this is my digital version.

Also, sponsors competing in the 2018 Fantasy Disc Golf Challenge will have their entries scored and results tracked for all 21 events.  Your best 15 scores will determine who gets to choose from the prize pool.

Head to the Lobby and submit an entry.  You can do so without purchasing a Sponsorship.  If you purchase later, it will still count towards the Challenge.

Good luck!

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