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Fantasy: The Memorial

Not a bad-looking disc, eh?  It’s one of the prizes you can win in the 2018 Fantasy Disc Challenge at

The Memorial is the 2nd of 21 events in the Challenge.  Participants select and rank their top 10 MPO and top 6 FPO.  Their selections will then be used (1 point for making top 10 or 6, plus points for how closely they actually placed) to generate a score between 8 and 100.  Scores will be tracked throughout the Challenge and your best 15 will be used to determine who gets to choose from the Prize Pool.

To get involved, go here and join the website.  Log in, create your profile, and submit your entry in the Fantasy forum.

Here’s a sample score from last weekend’s Las Vegas Challenge:


  1. Ricky Wysocki        (1 pt plus 8/10 for finishing 3rd)
  2. Paul McBeth            (1 pt plus 4/9 for finishing 7th)
  3. Jeremy Koling
  4. Nate Sexton             (1 pt plus 2/7 for finishing T-9)
  5. Eagle McMahon      (1 pt plus 2/6 for finishing 1st)
  6. Paul Ulibarri
  7. Seppo Paju
  8. JohnE McCray
  9. Bobby Musick
  10. Nicholas Duran


  1. Paige Pierce             (1 pt plus 6/6 for 1st place)
  2. Sarah Hokom          (1 pt plus 5/5 for T-2)
  3. Catrina Allen           (1 pt plus 4/4 for T-2)
  4. Madison Walker
  5. Lisa Fajkus               (1 pt plus 2/2 for 5th place)
  6. Jennifer Allen          (1 pt plus 0/1 for 4th place)

So in this example the score would be 8 free points+18(MPO)+22(FPO)=38.

Fortunately, your top 15 scores will be used and we have 20 events left, so get in now and get a leg up on the competition.




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